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  • What does Kidsforkids do?
    Kidsforkids works in over 5 countries and territories to improve children’s lives, to help them with their reading and retiring skills, from childhood through adolescence and so we look into the children’s health sector and we never give up.
  • Who started Kidsforkids?
    Michael Danquah
  • Why did Michael start Kidsforkids?
    A young man decided to go to Africa, upon getting arrival he realize most African children don’t have resources and learning materials when it come their education and health so he put it upon himself to help and by doing so he started calling everyone he knew for support. In doing so, they have been able to build 4 school libraries in Africa.
  • How does Kidsforkids support itself?
    By people donating cloths items, money etc.
  • What is Kidsforkids impact?
    Encouraging the community to realize the importance of education and ensuring that educational tools are provided to children who are in need.
  • How is Kidsforkids success evaluated?
    Through feedback from the community and success stories of the children on monthly basis.
  • Does Kidsforkids charge any fees?
    No, it does not.
  • How can people make donations?
    Donations are made through the website. At Kids for kids charity respects your privacy. We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to your privacy. We do not rent, sell, or trade our mailing lists without your consent. We use your personal information to provide services and keep you informed and up to date on the activities of Kidsforkids. If at any time you wish to be removed from our contact list, contact us by phone at or via email, and we will accommodate your request.
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