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KidsforKids Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, initiated in 2012, that aims to advocate literacy in Ghana and, on a larger scale, Sub-Saharan Africa. KidsforKids Foundation seeks to ensure that children in Ghana have access to basic healthcare and educational necessities. This is done so by:

  • The donations of books to existing libraries and/or schools within Ghana.

  • The donations of clothes, educational toys and other interactive, mentally stimulating resources.

  • Building libraries complete with the latest educational resources, in addition to books, to bring the children up to the date with the various forms of resources created to enhance their learning experiences.

Through hard work, dedication, passion and commitment, KidsforKids Foundation has successfully built four (4) major libraries in the Eastern Region (Nyame Krom), Northern Region (Tishigu), Ashanti Region (Bekwai), and Greater Accra Region (Obom Domeabra). The library initiative will be elaborated upon further into the report.

The purpose of KidsforKids Foundation is to enrich the lives of children by facilitating and encouraging literacy development. We believe that an educated populace, in any given country, directly impacts the overall development, productivity and functionality of any country. Based on our research and personal experiences, it is acknowledged that there is value in having an informed and literate population. In doing so, we believe that literacy development in children is an excellent way in shaping the future lives of the children and, ultimately, Ghana. Furthermore, the aim is to increase the quality of life by inspiring the perceptions of life of children in Ghana, especially those that are under-privileged.

Kidsforkids works in over 5 countries and territories to improve children’s lives, and help them with their reading and retiring skills, from childhood through adolescence. We look into the children’s health sector and we never give up. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational resources to aid in the overall literacy development of primary aged children in both Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.


In addition to investing in the education of children, Kidsforkids foundation supports the health of children by providing funding to those in need of medical attention with little to no resources and attaining medical help. 


Our Goals

KidsforKids Foundation has extensive goals and mandates that are being carefully developed to fit a changing and dynamic environment such as Ghana. As it stands, KidsforKids plans to:

  •  Continue to build libraries throughout the different regions in Ghana.

  •  The aim is to build one (1) library per district within the regions in Ghana.

  • To build Recreational Centers/ Community Centers within the district to correspond with each library. 

  • To encourage the creativity of the minds of children in Ghana.

  • Spreading awareness of literacy development and the continuous need for it in Ghana. 

  • Increased passion for education in the lives of children in Ghana. 

  • Focus on Action and Innovation.  

  • Commitment to Collaboration. 

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