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Our Projects



Government and NGO collaborations are quite common in many parts of the world.  The idea of development, especially in a challenging environment like Africa, is often a topic of great difficulty. Often times, the developmental agendas can become so large that some countries are unable to facilitate the development in a specific area of interest. In Africa, the NGO and civil society culture is significant. In most countries, organizations outside of the government have assumed responsibility in rectifying a given developmental issue. In doing so, there has been a growing recognition by government and international organizations that the involvement of stakeholders is, often times, needed to facilitate the engine of growth in a particular area of interest.


Research indicates that, for many NGOs and governmental agencies, working in isolation can result in duplication of efforts and failure to accomplish developmental goals. This simply shows that, when there is an open dialogue between NGOs, civil societies and the government it lessens the clash and duplication of ideas. Additionally, through collaboration, funding of projects can be properly distributed efficiently and successfully.



KidsforKids foundation recognizes the great organization, efforts, commitment and passion of the government of Ghana. The extensive efforts in providing affordable education for students across Ghana have been recognized highly by the diaspora in Canada.


Since the founders of the foundation is based outside of the country, KidsforKids foundation would like to work hand in hand with the government of Ghana in strategizing policies, goals and/or action plans that will help facilitate literacy development in Ghana. KidsforKids Foundation has already started the process through the construction of four (4) libraries. With additional support of the government in the form of:


  • Research and creation of educational models best tailored for the children in Ghana.

  • Collaboration in the construction of libraries and recreational/community centres.

  • A national campaign in the form of book drives to encourage community participation.


We believe the goals to achieve good literacy development in the children of Ghana can be met. The support of the government will officiate and solidify the government’s interest in literacy development in Ghana.   

Project Objectives

Collaboration in the construction of libraries and recreational/community centres. 

  1. As mentioned above, Kids for Kids Foundation has already constructed 3 libraries in 3 regions in Ghana. The main objective under this sub-heading is to collaborate with the Department of Education in building new and renovating existing libraries across the regions in Ghana.


Construction of libraries includes building of the actual structure, along with acquiring educational resources such as: books (of all subject matters-approved by educational objectives and expectations of Ministry of Education), Computers, Computer programs, videos, charts, flashcards, and posters etc.



Research and creation of educational modules best tailored for the children in Ghana.

  1. Kids for Kids Foundation would like to partner up with the government of Ghana to create educational modules that would aid in literacy development in school age children from Kindergarten to Secondary School students (The target “audience” for our libraries). An example of educational modules can range from after school programs which would focus on completing homework and offering tutoring services in Language, Math, and Science. Additionally, the library will have reading clubs and language seminars to the children in the libraries  


The objective is to build libraries and community centres and also diversify the various ways in which the children can interact with the resources available.

A national campaign in the form of book drives to encourage community participation. Book drives help spread the word about the need for books and helps us reach families who might have books to give: 

  1. Department of Education sponsored book drives can appeal to Ghanaians in Ghana and those of the diaspora to donate books towards libraries.

  2. Book drives can be held at designed libraries and will service as book banks for recipient library. This will aid in keeping fresh stock of books in every library without the on-going burden of acquiring books by the Ministry of education or Kids of Kids Foundation. 

  3. This will also encourage community involvement in the maintenance of the libraries.

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